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Planning your retirement

by Sylvain Lapointe
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In time, you will probably be mentally prepared for retirement. However, in these prevailing conditions, will your finance be?

You will agree with me that it is difficult to reach a goal without target. Planning acts exactly like a target when we elaborate a financial plan. We work hard to set money aside, still is it done in an optimal way?

The financial world complexity in which we live in, leads investors to ask themselves several questions, such as:

  • Do I repay my mortgage or contribute to RRSP?
  • Do I have the means to anticipate retirement?
  • What will be the real impact of inflation on my financial situation?

We have the opportunity to work with very elaborate tools where all financial aspects are taken into account. A detailed report is produced and demonstrates precisely the impact of a financial decision at the expense of another.

We believe that all wealth optimization processes should begin with a detailed financial plan.


Make sure your money works as hard as you!


Products and planning services are offered through Focus Financiers Services Inc.and are offered independently of PEAK Securities Inc.

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