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Plan today!

One must agree that it is difficult to achieve a goal without a target.  Planning acts exactly like a target during the development of a plan.  We put a lot of effort to save money, nonetheless it is essential to know the optimal way to do it.

The financial world complexity in which we live, give rise to several questions, like:

  • Must I reimburse my mortgage or contribute to my RRSP ?
  • Can I afford to precede my retirement?
  • What is the real impact of inflation on my financial situation ?

We have the opportunity to work with very elaborate tools which take into consideration all financial aspects of an investor. A detailed report is produce and precisely shows the impact of a decision versus another.  We believe that any patrimony optimization should start with a detailed financial analysis.


Sylvain Lapointe is also a tax expert. His extensive knowledge of tax allow many of our customers to save or delay thousands of dollars in taxes annually.  Come and meet our team, who knows, a visit could save you a few years of work.

What is your target ?

Our planning services are offered by FOCUS Services Financiers and are distinct from PEAK Securities inc.